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At Scott & Scott we have worked with the the herdsmen of Mongolia to source only the finest cashmere fibres. We have done all the hard work to bring you the long lasting beautiful cashmere garments that you can enjoy without having to worry about.


Although we have done all we can Cahmere is still a luxury fibre that needs some care and attention so we have listed a few tips below to help you enjoy your pieces with some frequently asked questions.



What is pilling?


Pilling is the tiny balls of fluff that build up over time. It’s actually the cashmere fibres naturally shedding, caused by wearing, not washing, and is not a sign of inferior quality. By purchasing the longest fibres it reduces the risk of pilling but there is only so much we can do. Over time the pilling will reduce and your cashmere will look flawless for longer.


What is the best way to look after my Cashmere when i'm not wearing it?


Cashmere should be stored away when not being worn in a warm dry place. We recommend storing in a garment bag to keep away any bugs or moths that think they have found a warm bed for the night. We also recommend not hanging your cashmere so it doesn't lose its shape.


Is Cashmere Machine Washable?


Not all Cashmere is machine washable but at Scott & Scott from only sourcing the longest and best fibres all our pieces are machine washable. Please read the details in the right hand column for more information.

Machine Washing

All Scott and Scott Cashmere Garments are Machine Washable.


We recommend washing after every few wears to stop pilling and keep your garment soft and luxurious.


When machine washing we recommend putting your Cashmere piece into a pillow case or washbag and washing at 30 degrees celcius.


Do not Iron your Cashmere but you may steam it to get any creases out.

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